Our Services

We offer a complete service of design and manufacture of bespoke fitted and free-standing furniture. We will discuss your requirements and design furniture that fits your needs, or work to drawings provided by you if you prefer. The workshop is fully kitted out with all of the tools necessary for almost any aspect of making and finishing furniture.

Fitted works are made in the workshop, then transported to site ready for assembly and installation. Varnish is applied before delivery, with a final coat and touching up often needed on fitted pieces after assembly is complete. If you require a painted finish, then this is applied after installation, using the services of another company.

Work is fabricated in both traditional and modern ways – for example we sometimes use dovetails to make drawers, sometimes use drawer-lock joints, and sometimes fully-adjustable metal modern system drawers.

If you would like to have some furniture made, then we will need to arrange a site visit during which measurements will be taken and your needs discussed. A short while later a rough price will be worked out. If this is acceptable we will make drawings of the proposed works. These can then be modified until we agree on a design, when a final price will be given. This design process ensures that you will receive exactly what you want.