Before concentrating on furniture, a variety of structures and objects had been made by us, and sometimes this sort of work is still undertaken. These pictures are mostly to show the sort of thing that is possible, and to give some ideas.


This project was started by someone else, before we added some other parts, and was then finished off by yet another person in an unfortunate manner. The cornice, gilding, pilaster tops, ceiling beams…

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A roulotte is a French style of live-in wagon. This one is sited in a wood near Rye, and has just started life as a holiday home. Please contact us for more details. The pictures show this in the proc…

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Made as a garden party room, this building has a grand piano to enjoy. The building is fully insulated, and boasts a small wood-burner for chilly evenings.

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Royal Opera House

I worked at the Royal Opera House for several years making scenery and props, but unfortunately only have a few good photos of the work. The cannons were from a production of ‘Il Trovatore’ by Ver…

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I was trained to make ancient instruments, and then made and sold electric and ‘Hardangar’ violins, pictures of a few of which are shown.

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